Born in Los Angeles, California with a heritage background of Yaqui Indian, Mexican and Basque, Robert Zapata has garnered a reputation for reaching a universal audience with his off beat humor. Since a very young age Robert was told he was a funny little “dude”.

He started his career at The World Famous Improv @ and The World’s Famous Laugh Factory @ Robert Zapata has performed with celebrity comedians such as Willie Barcena and Paul Rodriguez at the Legends Casino in Yakima Washington. Jon Lovitz, and Arie Spears at The Laugh Factory and Chris Kid Reid, Monique Marvez, and Joey Coco Diaz at The Hollywood Improv. Robert then went on the road and featured for Willie Barcena for 2 years, while on tour he developed his first half hour special titled, “Why Are You Acting so Tall?”. He recently shot and produced his special and will the release date is set for 2014. Look Out for it! Robert’s is now headlining and already working on his half hour special tittle, “Single, Broken and Not Famous”. Make sure you come out to see me live so you can experience the new material. Funny Stuff. Robert has also performed for our troops the Army at Fort Bliss in El Paso Texas, the Marines at camp Foster in Okinawa Japan, our Air force in Manas Kyrgyzstan and in Herat, Shindan and Ferat Afghanistan.

In 2004 he was featured on SiTV’s, “Inside Joke” and “The Latino Laugh Festival the show”. Also, Mun2, “Loco Comedy Jam”. Soon after Robert booked his first comedy movie titled, Lean Like a Cholo, which he played Moco. He then soon after booked the movie, “Primos the movie”, which is distributed and you can find on

Robert Zapata’s comedy career is inspired by great comedians such as Eddie Murphy, Paul Rodriguez, Sam Kinison, Rodney Dangerfield, Richard Pryor, Jerry Seinfield, Martin Lawrence, John Luiguizamo, Pablo Francisco, Dane Cook, Jerry Lewis and Lenny Bruce the list goes on… Robert’s zany personality and quirky material comes from observing the absurdities of everyday life. His unique style is very physical. His facial expressions always get the crowd… “Not only do I tell jokes, I can dance, sculpt, I can sing…in the right setting (the underground tunnel in downtown).” His sense of timing is what people have reinforced towards him. “I get this great instant gratification from having people around laugh, and have a great time. It puts me in a good mood…even on a cloudy day, say cheese.”