I’m enjoying my life

It’s strange to me, how I used to put my career first. Comedy was my life. and now that I have a child, I am learning it’s all about balance. I know there are people who breath their careers and great for them, but there is something missing when it’s about being successful in your career. As long as I make a lot of money and have my family and career, then I’m happy.

The weirdest thing happen to me the other day…

So Im out to dinner with my girlfriend and we are eating at a vegetarian restaurant. It’s $$ on yelp and valet is $5. But it’s ok, because she has been wanting to eat there for a while, so I took her. Now we are waiting for our food and she keeps talking about, how her boobs keep hurting and my period is about to start. And now I’m sitting there, doing the math and figuring out her cycle, I know. But still, so I say, “hey, your period was around the 9th and you said your on a what cycle?” So we start tripping. Woow…What? No way… No way… let’s go to cvs. I buy three tests and they all read…
…by the way the food was good.

Life is good.

Life bring me trial and tribulations. I see thru the fog and distortion. Nothing can stop me from achieving my ultimate goal. A beautiful wife, healthy children and a career to compliment my assertiveness. I am one with the Universe and the Universe is one with me, it protects me and harm and make my life easy. I believe, so I shall receive.